Frequently asked questions

How do I book a private dining experience with you?

you can book with us through Email: phone: 269-270-5488 social media: instagram, facebook, and website

Do you have pictures of your work?

Yes! you can see pictures of my work on all my social media platforms.

Are you on social media?

Yes I am! you can follow me on these social media platforms.

what is a private dining experience?

A private dining experience with Sayber's Cooking is a luxury private experience that helps capture the memorable moments of your life. it is a service that provide a amazing 3 course meal with fresh local and organic ingredients made by your very own personal chef Sayber and her team. your food is cooked right in the comfort of your kitchen. with a special curated playlist and unique table decor.

what does a private dining experience include?

a exculsive private dining experience includes: local, fresh, prime, and organic ingredients 3 course plated meal your very own personal chef parties 5 or more include servers curated playlist table decor plateware setup clean up personal grocery shopping

Do I need to have a full kitchen for you to work out of?

No! the great thing about my luxury private dining experiences that we can work out of just about any kitchen. We do ask that you have a working stove and refrigertor to cook out of.

Do I need a working oven or can you just use my stove top?

No and yes. this question will depend on the kind of menu you have and the number of people in your party. if the food menu requires any roasting or baking then yes we will need a oven to work with. also depending on the number of guest you have to keep food at right temp until the course is served.

Do you have a location that you cook out of ?

No. we do not have a brick and morter. as a private/personal chef. we cook out of our clients kitchen.

Do you only come to clients home to cook?

No. for my priviate exculsive dining experiences. We can cook at your home, airbnb, hotel, camper resort, place of business with kitchen

Do you cater?

No. we do not offer any catering service of any type.

Do you have a price list?

No we do not offer a price. this is because every luxury exculsive private dining experience is unique and tailored to every clients needs. However, we do have a starting price. (see next QnA)

Do you have a starting price?

Yes we do. Our luxery exculsive private dining experiences for two people start off at $400.

How many people do you provide private dining experiences for?

Our luxury exclusive private dining experiences start with 2 people and cap off at 20 people.

Do you do more then 20 people private dining experiences?

No we do not.

How do we pay?

After we discuss details about your special day. We will send you a paypal invoice through email.

Do you take other forms of payment besides paypal invoice?

No. We only except your payment through paypal invoice. No other form of payment . this means no cash app, venmo, cash, facebook pay, zelle, check, money order, etc..

Do you except tips?

Yes we do! we except tip through form of cash, cashapp, or paypal

What if I do not have paypal account. Can I still pay?

Yes You can still pay through paypal without an account. that is not a problem .

Do I pay you the whole amount or 50 %?

We require 50% deposit the same day you book. you can however pay the whole amount at once if you like.

When is my last payment due?

Your last payment is due 7 business days prior to date of event.

How do i make the final payment?

Keep that same email of paypal invoice that is sent to pay the 50% deposit. that same email you can access again and make the final payment.

What happens if I can't find the orginal paypal invoice to make my final payment?

Do not worry. We can resend it. through the email on file.

What is all included in table decor?

Table decor includes: fresh linen plates bowls sliverware glassware wine glasses (if you are having wine) table dcecor (faux flowers or real depends on event, candles, table runner, any other table decor needed)

Do you bring your own pot and pans?

No. We will ask to use your pots and pans unless there is a unique pot or pan we need then we will bring that.

Do I need special knives for you to use?

NO! we will bring our own knives.

Do You use any of my spices, pantry ingredients or stable ingredients?

No. we bring all of that.

Do you offer wine with the private dining experiences?

Yes! We are proud to say that we work for a company called One Hope wine. Wine that gives back to charity all across. and gets shipped right to your door step. for more information you can email us at