Rose Gold Everything!

Boom guess who stepped in the room! It's me Sayber haha! At least that is how I felt when I walked into Rose Gold Coffee Company (located downtown Kalamazoo, Mi) today. It is no secret to people that know me, know I have been to this place before and after every time I go. That is because I always talk about it!

I remember when I first came to this place. the decor, the music, the vibe is all me. It speaks Sayber. Hence the reason why I really love it. I discovered this place back when I was a pescatarian. Being that I live in a small town (Kalamazoo, Mi) there are not a lot of vegan/vegetarian places. Like real restaurants that serve nothing but vegan/vegetarian or small pop-up places.

Anywho. Now that I got that off my chest let's focus on what I actually purchased from Rose Gold Coffee Company. I got a Decaf Chiapas, Mexico (nutmeg, toasted oats) for 24 oz it cost $2.50 and I got the Southwest vegan breakfast burrito cost $7.00 making my total $10 bucks!!!! A little expensive but this isn't just no Biggby Coffee that we are talking about! Now I don't always come here but when I have extra change and time. I make a trip here for a little treat!

It's a great stop on the way to work and great for vegan/vegetarians too! The vegan burrito is really good. When I first got it I had to ask the barista twice if it was vegan because it tasted that good. The only downfall is I have to have Tums on deck! I'm currently pregnant with our second child. And this baby does not like anything with spice which has been hard for me because I love spice.

Anyway, the decaf was good nothing too different but hey what can you can about decaf (insert sad face).

The last thing that got me all fuzzy inside about this coffee company is the customer service. Every time I come here the ladies are so welcoming and nice! If you know me then you know I am BIG on Customer Service, that makes or breaks me ever going back to a place of business!

Well if you have never been you should definitely give them a try and comment down below how your experience was and what you think about them!

Oh and Happy New Year!

-Love and Good Eat's


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